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Cremona Medical Clinic
J. Dr. Le Roux
Fridays at 8:00 a.m.
Phone: 403-560-1606

Cremona Community Services
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Recycling, Garbage | Utilities | Taxes, Budget | Road Maintenance | Seniors

If you have any questions about corporate services, events in the community, your utilities or taxes, please don't hesitate to Contact Administration.

Recycling & Garbage
The Village of Cremona contracts out bi-weekly household pickup for solid waste (black), compost (green from April to November) and recycling (blue).

A recycling centre in Cremona is open to both Village and County residents. It is located east of Market Junction on Hwy. 580.

Cremona Composting Brochure
Black/Green & Blue Cart Pickup Schedule

The Village of Cremona has three wells which deliver a high quality ground water that requires very little treatment. The Village of Cremona provides water and wastewater (sewer) services. When you move to Cremona, you need to apply at the Village Office to receive these services.

Utility bills are sent out monthly. Water usage is recorded through the water meter and reading system which is electronically uploaded each month. Your monthly invoice includes garbage (black), green (compost) and blue (recycling) pickup fees, water/sewer charges, and water and sewer basic fee which is used for infrastructure upgrades.

For more information, contact the Village Office.

Utility Fees
Request Form, Tenant Utility Bill
Pre-Authorized Direct Deposit Application
Pre-Authorized Debit Application, Utilities
E-Billing application form

Low Flow Toilet Rebate Program
The Village of Cremona offers a Utility Rebate Program to assist residents with homes built prior to 2008 in achieving a higher level of potable water conservation or replacement of high flow toilets (6 or more litres) with a low flow or dual flush toilet.

It is estimated that as much as 30 percent of water consumed in the home is flushed down the toilet. Based on CMHC Household Guide to Water Efficiency, an average family replacing an older high flow toilet with a 6 litre model can achieve water savings of more than 12,000 litres per year.

  • Rebates are credited to a Village of Cremona Utility account, which must be in good standing.
  • Properties eligible to participate in the Program must be on the Village's metered water system.
  • All rebates are subject to the availability of funds.

Commercial-business properties and Institutional properties (schools, hospitals, seniors' lodges, etc.) are not eligible for participation in this program.

Taxes and Budget
Assessments are conducted in January of each year with taxes due the 30th of June. Your Assessment and Tax Notice include a Municipal Levy and a School Levy, both of which make up your Total Property Taxes. If you disagree with your assessment, you may appeal to the Village Office (see the back of your Assessment Tax Notice).

If you like, you can sign up for our Tax Installment Payment Plan. This allows you to pay your taxes in monthly installments. For more information, please Contact the Village Office.

Current Tax Rate Bylaws
Tax Penalties Bylaw

Council annually sets an operating and capital budget. A public budget meeting is held each year during budget deliberations. Watch for announcements for when the meeting will be held.

Road & Snowfall Maintenance
Our Public Works staff work hard year round to ensure that roadways and alleys are maintained and kept accessible to all residents at all times of the year. Street Sweeping and Lane Grading take place in Spring and Fall. Town staff do the downtown area and the primary and collector streets first, and then move on to residential areas. Signs are posted the day before on streets to be swept.

Subscribe to Alberta Road Bans and Seasonal Weight Notifications

Our seniors are very active as individuals, in the workplace, and as volunteers in our many organizations, and are a valued resource in building our community. Here is a list of valuable documents, designed to help our seniors.

Seniors Programs and Services Information Guide
Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program & Loan Application Form

Beautiful scenery around the farmland of rural Alberta near Cremona and Water Valley. Communities in Bloom share their ideas during the Christmas craft sale. Sun Energy (a local business) has donated expertise for our CIB projects. Many businesses share their projects with our young people too. Our new street signs show off our theme as the Village of Tomorrow (T0M 0R0).

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